10 good reasons to include a floor plan in your Airbnb listing

1. Shows the connection and inter-relationship of useable spaces.

Photos are great for showcasing the style and look of the property but photos can not show how spaces/rooms relate to one another. A floor plan gives a quick and accurate visual reference for your prospective guests. 

2. Shows the true size of the property and each room.

So maybe you describe your house as large (or even tiny) What do these adjectives relate to? What may be a “large” sized house to some may be a “small” sized house to others. Adding a floor plan provides an accurate plan for potential guests to assess if all room layouts and sizes will meet their needs. 

3. Be clear when letting homes with shared areas with others or the host

If you are offering a property with shared spaces then a floor plan is the clearest way of providing a visual representation of the allowable spaces a guest can use and those spaces which are shared or out of bounds for the guest. 

Spaces which are not at the exclusive use of the Airbnb guests can be indicated different ways:

  • Ghosting areas on the plan.
  • Applying clear labels.
  • Applying dividing lines.
  • A combination of all these methods.
Airbnb floor plan for house with shared space


4. Clearly show the sleeping arrangements and bed types

You may be offering a property that sleeps 10 persons but is this in 5 double beds?, 10 single beds? or, what is more likely, a mixture of both. Then the next question a guest might ask is; In how many bedrooms are these beds situated and how many beds in each room?. Do these rooms have their own bathroom or is the bathroom shared? Such bed arrangements cannot always be shown clearly in your photo gallery. The floor plan can quickly show the bed and bathroom configurations available in your Airbnb. It will allow potential guest to assess if the property is right for their needs and will mean fewer questions for you to answer.

5. Shows all facilities clearly.

Maybe you do not want to show mundane and less attractive areas of your home in the photo gallery (such as laundry, rooms, washrooms, garages etc.) The floor plan can clearly and neatly show these areas are present and available for guest use.

6. Reduces the number of questions asked by your prospective guests. 

You will be surprised at how many fewer questions you will be asked! A clear floor plan will resolve many of the questions potential guests will ask. This will reduce your time spent managing your Airbnb listing and avoid false expectations. A floor plan provides less uncertainty about the space and size and will give your listing a competitive advantage over those listings which do not offer a clear floor plan.

7. Clear labels will provide further information and clarification your photos can not.

Through custom labelling, the floor plan can provide extra information such as those spaces which are shared, rooms which enjoy great views, number of persons which can be accommodated in each bedroom etc… at Airbnb floorplan we can add any custom labelling to suit your requirements.

8. Showcase the usability of any external spaces which may be available to the guest

We can also produce floor plans for the gardens and external spaces. If you are offering your Airbnb rental with garden space too then including a plan of the garden and external useable spaces.

Airbnb floorplan of beach house

9. Better reviews

More accurate and clear information at the front end of the booking process will mean better guest reviews after check out and decrease the potential for guest disappointment.

10. More bookings and an increase in profit

In a nutshell, adding a floor plan will lead to more bookings, less disappointed customers and better reviews for your Airbnb, which will only help the bottom line.