Best practice for supplying the information we need to create a stunning floor plan for your Airbnb rental

If you are commissioning a floor plan from us then we want to create an accurate, stunning plan which will be a great asset to your Airbnb listing. However, the floor plan process does start with you! You will need to expend a little time to provide us with some measurements and photos. Providing us with clear information will streamline the drawing process and produce the best floor plan for you! Please see our best practice guide below.

Essentials for your Airbnb floor plan!

Accurate measurements

Use our survey sheet or sketch out accurately or use our survey sheet (can be downloaded from the check out page) with measurements your room sizes with positioning doors etc. So for each room:

floor plan instruction


Ideally please take a photo from each corner of each room. If you have a live Airbnb listing then please send us the link to your listing. If you want areas included which are not photographed in your listing then please send us photos of these areas. If you can provide us with good photos you will not need to measure positions of furniture as we should be able to get good positioning information from the photos (if taken from each corner of the room).

floor plan

photo from 4 corners


Useful For your Airbnb floor plan

Although not essential for your floor plan if you do have any of the following it will help the process of creating an accurate floor plan for you.


Architects drawings

If you have the original architects plans then please attach these with your order. This makes setting out the walls for the plans a lot easier and we can produce your floor plan to a high degree of accuracy.

Matterport 3d model

If you have a live 3D Matterport model then please send us the link to this as we can work from this model

Drone shots

If you want us to draw the plans for your garden or a full site plan then drone shots are really useful. If you have any of these please attach them with the order.


360 video shots of the room are useful too and will back up the information you have provided in your photos.