Floor plans for hotels and resorts

Adding floor plan layouts to your hotel’s promotional channels is an excellent way to provide full and comprehensive information to your prospective guests. This simple addition is often forgotten by many hoteliers but makes for a quick visual reference to give your prospective guests all the information they need to commit to a booking.

Your property will stand out on your OTA channels

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Differentiate between your inventory

Most hotels will offer rooms of different sizes and specs. Floor plans are easily the best way to give your clients a fast visual guide to what you have to offer and the differences between the room types. With the addition of dimensions, you can show the exact room sizes which are offered

hotel room floor plansPhotos are great for showcasing the look and style of the hotel room but a floor plan will provide quick and clear layout information. Excellent for hotel rooms of all sizes but especially beneficial for hotel suites that offer facilities and useable spaces beyond that of a single bedroom/bathroom. With custom labeling, you can showcase and highlight the facilities of the room

Enhance your hotel website

For direct booking websites will be enhanced with the addition of a floor plan. The floor plan could well be the deciding factor for the prospective guest to commit to a direct booking.

hotel plan for website

Providing clear information upfront will result in fewer surprises or disappointments after your guest has checked in which in turn will lead to better reviews on your OTA channels and Tripadvisor etc.

Full hotel plans

As well as room plans we can create full hotel/resort layouts and masterplans. A whole rest plan will showcase your whole hotel/resort in one quick visual representation.

Hotel floor plan

Hotel master floor plan